Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Then and Now, Pt 1

The rain came down, and soon the very coffins started to come up to the surface in the flood. We tried to rebury them; they wouldn't stay down.

"Blur" originally appeared in Thirteen Stories and Paintings, the first collaboration between N. M. Scuri and Byron Rempel, the team that brings you Two Sentence Horrors. Read the whole story exclusively on Patreon.

Two Sentence Horrors has Ghost Stories. Read them on Patreon.
Two Sentence Horrors delivers a collection of two sentence horror stories, several of them brand-new, featuring original stories from N. M. Scuri and art from Byron Rempel. The stories include themes of betrayal, rage, loss, and the terrors of things that go bump in the night. Get the first year of Two Sentence Horrors here.

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