Here are Cool Things That are Happening:

Check out original art from Byron, as well as hear N. M. Scuri read her story "Occupational Hazards" as part of Halloween at Home, on YouTube! (We're in Part 2, but don't miss the amazing in Part 1).

We have Signed books and art available, with free shipping in the US. They are limited editions, so once they're gone, they are gone!

There are great selections at our on-line store! Mugs, hoodies, even notebooks and rugs for the dorm or apartment are available now!


Reviews from 13 Stories and Paintings and One Bite at a Time:

"They are snappy, gory little things .... Maybe it's just my sense of humor, but I chortled all the way through this."

"A wonderful journey.... I have always admired the work of N.M. Scuri, and to read this collection it was an extension of her superb craft. An enjoyable collaboration of ideas, and imaginary thoughts in one collection."

"Great artwork and there are some very intriguing stories within this collection about a zombie outbreak - with quite a few OMG moments ... Very well written though, so I would definitely read more work by this author."

"Fun and clever little tales of terror. Like a box of brownie bites for the horror fan. I found I couldn't read just one. Some stories are longer than others, but all in all a good time."

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